The ACT Law Society, the ACT Bar Association, the Australian Lawyers Alliance, the Motorcycle Riders Association of the Australian Capital Territory and various independant groups involving cyclists and pedestrians have been actively working together to protect the rights of innocent victims of motor vehicle accidents.

About the ACT Law Society

The ACT Law Society represents, advances, and defends the interests of an independent legal profession in the ACT. We also protect the public interest in the ACT system of justice through the efficient regulation of the profession in accordance with the Legal Profession Act and the Society’s Rules for Solicitors.

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About the ACT Bar Association

The ACT Bar Association is the professional body that regulates barristers in the Australian Capital Territory. We represent the interests of members who practise at the private bar and work towards maintaining a strong and independent bar in the ACT, in the best interests of the Canberra community.

Whilst the scope and functions of the ACT Bar Association have broadened since its establishment, its primary goals of promoting the rule of law and maintaining the high ethical standards of the Bar remain in place.

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About The Australian Lawyers Alliance

The Australian Lawyers Alliance is a national association of lawyers, academics and other professionals dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual.

We promote access to justice and equality before the law for all individuals regardless of their wealth, position, gender, sexuality, age, race or religious belief.

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About the Motorcycle Riders Association of the Australian Capital Territory

The MRA ACT has represented motorcycle riders and protected their rights and independence, since the early 1970’s.

The MRA ACT has evolved over the decades to provide a unified voice to the Territory Government of the day and to join with other state representative bodies (MRA’s and MCC’s) in forming the Australian Motorcycle Council.

The MRA ACT’s Objectives:

Represent all riders irrespective of gender, age, club affiliation, or type of powered two wheeled vehicle they ride; Raise the profile of motorcycling in the broader community; Ensure equal rights to the use of the Roads and Regions of the ACT; Improve road safety for riders but not at the expense of undermining a riders right to choose; Engender motorcycling as a safe, efficient and greener alternative form of sustainable transport.

The MRA ACT encourages all riders to support our work in achieving the organisation’s objectives and has memberships for individuals and affiliations for clubs to join the cause.

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